eLearning 4/8

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Good morning friends!  Today is Wednesday!  I look forward to seeing you at 9:15 today for our Morning Meeting and carpet time.  Please make sure you find a good spot to sit and have your device set up so we can see your face.  Today, we will show each other some of our favorite things.  When you come to our meeting, please have your favorite toy in a spot where we cannot see it on your screen.  We will show our toys one at a time!  We will not have a mini-lesson today, so you will choose something from the ELA choice board and the Math choice board to post to Seesaw.  You will also choose an activity from one of the Specials (Art, Music, or PE) choice boards today instead of checking for an activity on a Specials teacher’s Seesaw board.

Links for today:

*Link to choice board here

*Link to attendance HERE

*Please look at and review the PARENT GUIDEBOOK

Remember to post your choice board activities to Seesaw today from your student (Seesaw class) account. Please post 1 math activity and 1 ELA activity each day.  Have a great day!

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