Mrs. Fay's OT Cafe (5.18.20)

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It’s Dinosaur Week!

This week I have included a cartoon video link to learn a few facts about dinosaurs! It may be a little long in length so it may be best to watch it in 2-3 parts!

I have also included activities this week that address fine motor strength and dexterity, gross motor warm-ups, directed drawing, visual perception and handwriting all with a dinosaur theme! And, I have also included a sensory recipe for frozen dinosaur eggs! They are simple to make with balloons and water. After you freeze them melt them down with a spray bottle, turkey baster or other items you may find in the kitchen!

Feel free to select from the menu and add activities from your emailed menu to your weekly routine if time allows. 

If you would like, email me a picture of your child doing an activity! I also have access to many Seesaw accounts, so feel free to upload there too.

We are getting close to the end of the year! Only one more menu coming your way and then the Café  officially closes for the season!

Wishing you all the best and continued health!


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