Mrs. Fay's OT Cafe (5.25.20)

  • Mrs. Fay's OT Cafe


Summer is around the corner!

This is our final weekly menu and this week we are getting ready for summer with a camping theme! Activities this week address fine motor strength and dexterity, gross motor warm-ups, directed drawing, cutting, visual perception and handwriting all with a camping theme! Get ready for some flashlight tag, learn to tie and untie knots, and create a yummy treat with a visual recipe for Microwave S’mores! And when you’re all done be sure to print off your child’s special award certificate. Each one was a learning superstar this year!

If you would like, email me a picture of your child doing an activity! I also have access to many Seesaw accounts, so feel free to upload there too. I will also have links to all of my menus uploaded on my web board should anyone want to re-visit activities over the summer!

At this time, I would like to thank all of you for your dedication, patience and flexibility with your child’s learning. It has been a pleasure watching your children grow functionally and academically under your guidance. I wish you all a fun and relaxing summer and look forward to crossing paths once again when we return!

As always, I wish you all the best and continued health!


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